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At AVG Power Ltd we specialise in the funding and development of large Anaerobic Digestion (AD) power plants which typically process 120,000 tonnes of agriculture and food waste and sell electricity, heat and fertiliser to local businesses. Based in Teesside, we currently own and operate a large, £30m AD Plant in Middlesbrough and have a number of other schemes ongoing.

What are Anaerobic Digestion Plants?

Our AD power plants digest organic food and agricultural waste to produce electricity, heat and fertiliser. The gasses that are created inside the process are used to generate electricity for local businesses. We also capture the heat generated in the generators to supply hot water and steam, and at the end of the process is pasteurised organic fertiliser for local farmers.

Process Flow Chart


Saves Money

Local businesses can benefit from up to 20% reduced electricity, steam and hot water costs.

Reduces Landfill

By creating an alternative to landfill for organic wastes, we also capture useful energy that would otherwise be wasted, and reduce disposal costs for farmers and local food producers.

Provides Employment

Our AD Power Plants bring both temporary and permanent employment opportunities to the area surrounding the plant. At peak construction time there can be up to 60 people on site over an 18-month period, contributing to the local spend and economy. Once the build is complete around 12 permanent jobs are created.

Additional Benefits

 •  No harmful emissions  •  Clean, green energy  •  Odourless  •  Can make use of brown field sites  •  Yields fertiliser by-product (85,000 tonnes/year)  •  Discreet/sympathetic to the environment  •  Reduces carbon footprint

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